Found Objects

In 2008 the US economy collapsed. The crisis spread world wide. Banks, Mortgages, Foreclosures, Bailouts and alike flooded news-headlines while in the real world, money disappeared from the markets. Meanwhile in the art world, art fairs became king and the “popularization” of artworks as a commodities was finally accepted. Money captured the zeitgeist of the times.

I come across pennies on the floor very often. Always thought that finding money on the streets, literally, was not only a blessing but highly symbolic. Never picked them up. During 2008 however, that changed when I realized that while the whole global financial system had failed, you could still pick money up from the streets, literally.

I started taking long walks penny-hunting with my point-and-shoot and was amazed by the beauty of the micro-landscapes where I found them, it was a really fun process. I then started a series of found pennies, and kept an inventory of each penny found matched with its correspondent photo of exactly how I found it. This time around I picked up 200+.

I was interested in the archeological aspect of the process, but also in the value relations happening in the process of an artist collecting money to increase its value through art to finally sell it for a higher amount that its actual face value. A money x money transaction that is also an artwork. Value in art is art itself.

Found Objects comprises 200 photos of found pennies, accompanied by its correspondent penny. The pennies were picked up by the artist during 2008 in Miami, FL.

Francis Acea
New York 2017