Found Objects, 2008, Video, 13:32 min

A video/slideshow of 200 photographs of found US pennies in Miami during 2008. A DVD/BlueRay edition of 100 is available.

Installation details

HD Video
TV Monitor 46/42 inches
USB Flash 4GB+
DVD/BlueRay Player
TV Monitor 46/42 inches

TV monitor TBD

Collectors may choose between a DVD/BlueRay disk or a HD .mov file, prices vary.
DVD/BlueRay include packaging and are numbered/signed.
Both artworks carry a signed artist certificate made to the buyer’s name.
Buyers of digital artworks are encouraged to register their artwork purchase on artist’s website.
Artist website maintains a profile of buyers of digital artworks linked to their unique files.
Buyers can access their profile to download their artworks. Digital artworks get lost or malfunction often.

DVD/BlueRay disk: TBD
HD .mov file: TBD
Print: TBD

Found Objects, 2008,  C-prints, 28 x 24 inches

A selection of 33 prints from 2008.
Numbered Edition of 10.
Printed on commission.
Do not include penny.